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Saturday, 23 April 2011

My Favorite Nail Polishes

My favorite Nail Polish colours are normally light pink and generally light colours but this time i have chosen to post about my favorite colours that are bright, eye catching colours as well as pale, soft colours from Mac, Jessica and also O.P.I.

Mac -

My Mac Shirelle Nail Polish is a new high gloss formula with three long wearing finishes including Cream, Sheer and frosted. It is visibly different and provides no chipping and no streak finish.

Jessica - 

My Jessica Majesty Blue Nail Polish is a deep royal blue metallic colour with a light blue shimmer. It is a really pretty colour and it distinctly reminds me of the midnight sky with stars. However it is not totally unique and is best with two coats.

O.P.I -


My O.P.I I Think In Pink Nail Polish is a really nice colour pink that really pops, goes on smooth and always shines. In general O.P.I stays on much longer and in good condition more than other brands.

Hope you liked reading my post :)


  1. I love that top colour!!!

    Carla xx.

  2. I know it is so so nice :) x

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