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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Back to Blog and Back to school !

As you can probably tell i have completely redone my blog as i thought my old blog was getting a bit old and a bit boring so i decided to change it. Also 3 days ago was my first day of Year 10 at school and it was also the first day of proper GCSE's. I've only been there 3 days and already hate it. Me and my friends are completely split up and we hardly see each other anymore :( Anyway enough of that, to start off my new blog i wanted to show you a song that at the moment is one of my favorites: It is called Jar of Hearts and is sung by Christina Perri:

What do you think of this song and also What do you think of my new Blog ??
Please leave a comment below :) 
Thanks girls !!


Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Winner


Thank you so much for all the people that entered and im sorry if you didnt win but you always have another chance next time as i hope to be doing another giveaway soon :) 
I will soon be putting up the video of me picking the winner! 



Sunday, 5 June 2011

Curly or Straight ?

Right now i have straight hair but on me i feel it looks really boring and there's nothing special about it so i was thinking maybe i could go curly by either curling my hair  everyday or maybe even a perm but i think thats a bit extreme.

Here is 2 pictures of me with curly hair:

And here is a picture of me with straight hair:

What do you girls think, straight or curly ?
Please comment below 

Thanks Girls :)