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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Makeup Update :)

As its my birthday in 15 days :) i decided to go on a mini haul with my early birthday money and this is what i got: (btw it is all mac)


My tinted moisturizer is the shade medium - warm beige. I absolutely love it as it looks so natural and glides on so easily, i don't even have to use an applier just simply my fingers. You only need a small amount to cover your whole face and neck and I think it is well priced as it lasts for ever. 


Fix + - £12.50

My Fixer is great. You can put it on either before you apply your makeup or after depending on what you like to do. You spray it on about an arm length away from your face and then let it dry. It keeps your makeup on for ages and keeps it in top condition.


My Concealer is perfect for me as you only need a tinny bit to go a long way. It blends in perfectly with my foundation and is very light weight. It completely covers blemishes, moles, birthmarks and many more. I know it is quite expensive but considering it lasts and lasts it is  very good priced.

What do you think of these products and do you have any you would recommend ?
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Thanks Girls:)


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